I am simply a woman who desires with all my heart to actively live a continuously inspired, empowered and victorious life thru my faith in and walk with God. I am fallible, human, but nevertheless running hard and fast after Him. I believe that God still reigns supreme. He is still the same as He was yesterday, is today and will be forever more. The God that I serve still has all power in His hands. He never lost it! He still has the power to heal, deliver, perform miracles and set the captives of this world free! That’s what He did for me!

For this season of my life the word of the day is SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT. I believe that I can live the life of spiritual abundance that God promised. The only way to do that is to seek out and find the God of the Bible. To connect with Him in an in-depth, meaningful way that develops a level of intimacy that will facilitate radical, life changing experiences that will nurture me, my whole life through.



You may reach me at…









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