21 Aug

Yesterday, I happened into “Get on up,” the James Brown movie by mistake. The first line of the movie was “James Brown don’t need nobody…” I thought about that as my son and I found, sat down, and watched the kids movie we actually came to see. That line kept playing through my mind, probably because I had just had words with a dear friend of mine. I was still a bit wounded. I wasn’t intending on taking my son to the movies but it was an escape.  My feelings were still hurt and I was trying not to be still angry. Although we had words, we each retreated before something was said that could not be easily retracted and would form a black cloud over our blossoming friendship. Nothing is all gravy all the time and misspoken words can never be taken back.

As I was sitting there, my mind personalized and replayed James Brown’s words, “I don’t need nobody.” I thought about him, James Brown. With all due respect to his memory, that may have been what he actually believed, but it wasn’t true. How could it be? His amazing accomplishments that spanned many decades required interdependence. Just off the top of my head, his success was based on a network of musicians, singers, studio people, writers, agents, promoters, managers, club owners, record labels, and a huge fan base. I’m sure I missed something, but the point is he wasn’t singularly responsible for his own success. It took the knowledge, expertise, talent, and support of many people on many levels to make it happen.

The same is true for me, God has called me to a purpose. It is mine. However, the completion of it is dependent on interdependence. The primary connection is with the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. My family/extended family are priceless. Other vital relationships are with folks in the Body of Christ with whom I’m on a mutual faith walk with. Not to mention my growing professional network. Also, the many people I know who don’t share my faith – I don’t devalue my relationships with them. Those relationships are important to me to because they add something to my life. All of these put together form the intrinsic network of people – the infrastructure that I need to do life successfully and accomplish my divine purpose in this life. I’m grateful for everyone who is present in my life.

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