14 Aug

Today’s reading is right on time for me, as I struggle to reign in the summer’s loose structure and begin the Fall Semester. When I got out of the comp orate infrastructure to devote myself to my son’s education and upbringing,  I got out of a regimented schedule. For the last four years my only priority pretty much has been making sure that my Autistic son if afforded the necessary opportunities for him to do life successfully. This las year it was getting in the swing on school. My first semester back I almost failed because school wasn’t my priority. Going into my third semester, with the dynamics on the home front changed, I’m forced to reassess my priorities. There’s a whole lot more going and I have to make sure that I’m embracing only what are truly my priorities. I have a tendency to put other people’s stuff before my own, especially when they are in crisis mode. People will run away with me; taking more from me than they actually need if I let them. So this weekend I must wade through all the many rooms of my life asking myself what’s really important, prioritize that, roll up my sleeves and get busy. I’ve got to keep it pushing!

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