12 Aug


What I love about this 40 Day Soul Fast is that each day it reaffirms something that God has already revealed the importance of. Confirmation from a source outside of myself is necessary part of my process. I have many acquaintances; however, the people that I have meaningful relationships with are those that I’m joined to in spirit to by our faith in God. For me these partnerships are an essential part of my journey. People that can speak a word of life into my spirit. Encourage me with the word of God; and also bring me back into line when I get off track by that same word. Although I know scores of good church going folks, there are only a handful that I’m truly connected with. I have found that I can’t nor do I want to live in the world by myself. The wonderful thing about this leg of the journey is that God has blessed me with a partner in spirit – my housemate. It’s already made an incredible difference in my life to have a solid spiritual foundation – a prayer covering on my home front.  We have peace in our home because we are both in line with God and actively pursuing His will for our lives. Our environment is charged with the Spirit of God. A wonderful change from the conflict, chaos and confusion of being surrounded by people at times whose journey was in direct conflict to mine. I found the people that I surround myself with – that I partner with either bring to my life spiritual nourishment or toxicity.  Atmosphere is everything thus I choose carefully. One well or misplaced person in my life can be of help or a hinderance on the road to destiny.

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