11 Aug


I begin this week with a new determination – a resolve to continue pressing forward into the home stretch of The 40 Day Soul Fast. I never imagined that it would take my whole summer to complete. Day thirty-one’s focus is on what I do best – helping others. Growing up, we didn’t have much, but we always had more than somebody. Being raised on the pew and with  several generations of ministry ungirding me, I was trained to be there for others – to serve. It’s so deeply ingrained in me, that when I’m not helping other people, I just don’t feel right. The challenge for me is not helping others but finding balance; time for myself and family. I have found that being of service – of use to others is not about finding a local homeless shelter and putting in the work with the downtrodden. I have done that, as well as worked in/with soup kitchens, single mothers, dope fiends, drunks, prostitutes, community agencies, etc., etc., etc.! What I’ve discovered at least for me is that God’s work through me continues to evolve as I do. I’m excited as I expectantly look forward to this next chapter unfolding. I’ve been working on developing it for the past year. In the meantime as I work towards the longterm, I’m always willing to take an interim assignment.  The biggest factor in being used by God to make a difference in somebody’s life is WILLINGNESS. In order for God’s will to be done thru me I stand willing to be taken out of my comfort zone. I’m willing to be inconvenienced – I will get out of my bed at dark thirty, bundle my son up and ride out into the night. I will go the extra mile when required to make sure somebody’s okay before I move on. When God tells me to, I will reach into my pocket and give someone every bill and dime in it without counting it first, and trust God for my provision. I don’t have to be recognized, and no, you don’t owe me anything. God takes very good care of me. I pray that I never wake up and find myself unwilling to do what I can for somebody who truly needs it; that my humanity is never diminished to that point, where it’s all about me and no else matters.


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