28 Jul

What I learned over this weekend beyond the obvious of my need to belong to the one who’s greater than myself – God; is the real importance of belonging to a network of  people who may be at different places in the Journey but nevertheless are on a Journey. All of us were made uniquely different with a different role to play to bring into fulfillment God’s ultimate plan. I may be an ear, another a finger, someone else a nose. All just important to the Body of Christ. Gone are the days of big You’s and little me’s we are all just as important. I may in fact have a word but so does the guy sitting next to me. It’s only when my heart is open, can I receive what the next person has for me. Collaboration, networking, fellowship, companionship, friendship, connection, support i.e. relationship within the Kingdom is a very good thing. Our strength is in togetherness.

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Posted by on July 28, 2014 in Christianity, Life, Uncategorized


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