23 Jul


Some say that all money ain’t good money and everything that glitters ain’t gold. Destiny is bigger than those cliches. Walking into destiny has meant saying thanks but no thanks to several potentially lucrative opportunities that held the promise of personal acclaim as well. Especially for an Independent Filmmaker with a passion for ministry and causes. Both noble ventures; however, as in their developmental stage both at times have left this Sista scrambling to pay bills. Embracing destiny has meant stepping back and pausing long enough to seek God; even when I may have gotten ahead of myself in the moment, showing interest in a project, and even leading some to believe they had a soft commitment from me.  Rather than have to back track, I’m learning to take the time necessary to seek God and simply ask Him, “God is this something you want me to do?” The last time I asked, He gave me II Timothy 4:5, which solidified everything in my mind. If whatever comes along isn’t in line with the “calling” the answer is again thanks but no thanks. A simple no will do just as well. It’s not about a short term project or gain; but, rather the fulfillment of my destiny.


Today’s reading on destiny puts me in mind of my mother’s words, “you are a Smith, you can’t do everything you see other people do.” What she meant by that was that my parents had established a standard for me to live by.  Growing up, I hated it. That standard extended to the company I was allowed to keep, what I was allowed to wear, the places I could go, etc. This code that I had to live by, seemed to alienate me from much of the world – from people. In actuality it governed me. It kept me safe from much of what some of my friends whose parents had loose standards ended up going through – to their detriment. The same is true on this journey to destiny that I’ve embarked on with God. The standard that He’s set takes me to a higher realm of living that’s unmatched by those set my parents. The gifts of the spirit have given me the spiritual bootstraps by which to pull myself up and out of any situation that I might get entangled in by living in the world. I’m safe as long as I stay on His path. All of the resources of heaven are available to me. All I need do is tap into them. Embracing my destiny will extend well past this 40 Day Soul Fast. It’s can’t be accomplished overnight. It’s what I do and the way I choose to live each and every day that gets me there. Most of the time it seems that I could measure my progress in inches, but at times when I’ve least expected it God has catapulted me virtually overnight by many a mile. Nevertheless, whether progress is gained by the inch or by the mile, I will remain committed not to what I see, but what I hope for and He’s promised to me. Having known oh to well the pleasures of the world none can compare to fulness and satisfaction of my soul in the kingdom. 


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