04 Jul

   “Imagination is more than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.    Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein

 The mind does not know the difference between what’s real or imagined. Therefore, I have been able to progressively create the reality I’ve wanted for my life by envisioning it. Once I’m able to see a thing, all the many necessary pieces manifest themselves. I meet the right people. I’m at the right places. I have all the resources I need. The actual work is still mine; however, everything flows better than expected. I don’t have to kick open doors, they open before I get there. The way is prepared for me. I’m now inspired by the vision. I never feel burdened by it. It fuels my passion. It keeps me fully energized, working late into the night; bounding up out of bed early in the morning. It’s always with me. I can’t say that’s always been true. When God first gave me a glimpse of His vision for my life, it was too much. I was overwhelmed by it. I couldn’t see it, imagine it, or want it. I told Him, that He needed to find someone else. I ran as fast as I could away from it and God. What I was actually afraid of, was the level of responsibility and accountability that I would have to walk in. I hadn’t yet thoroughly experienced life. There were things that I wanted to do. I didn’t want to disappoint God.

Those years were miserable. I call them the dark decades of my soul. I was able to attain a measure of success. However, it always felt as if something was missing in my life. Whatever I achieved, it was never enough. Emptiness permeated my soul and echoed loudly through every area in my life. I was a fish out of water; out of my element. Although I wasn’t walking on the path towards fulfillment of purpose – of destiny. The life I had envisioned never left me. It was a part me. Something I was chosen to do. The thought of coming to the end of my life with destiny yet buried within me haunted me. That would be the worse case scenario for my life. God hadn’t changed His mind about me. Every day, I still wonder why He chose me. His task was to get me to change my mind about myself and my ability to participate – execute the vision. What I’ve learned over the years is that God cannot take me beyond my ability to think or rather envision myself being. I have to be able to see myself there.

I CAN see myself “there.” I know that God hasn’t given me everything lest it overwhelm me. I’m finally okay with being on a need to know basis. I’m just a vessel – an instrument. He does not require perfection only willingness. 


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