30 Jun



Each time that I’ve evolved to a new level of accomplishment, being, change – I decided to with resolve. It was necessary. I was determined to and so it was. Was the catalyst for the change that happened in my life God or me? In some instances, I’m not sure. Especially, since I find myself struggling to break the plane of mediocrity into the dynamic, divine realm of Spiritual empowerment. Sometimes, I feel as if my car has slipped down unto an incline on soft soil. No matter how hard I hit the accelerator, I’m slinging dirt from up under my wheels. My car isn’t going more than a few inches before it slides back to exactly the same spot. I’m not sliding down hill, but yet I’m not moving forward either. At least not in the way I want or need to.

So the question before me is why have I only been able to accomplish some of what God has tasked me with? Why haven’t I made leaps and bounds in the kingdom? Why am I not yet a living legend but rather still a legend in the making? Perhaps because greatness can only be achieved by engaging in faith that is activated by a real belief in God. That’s what the great ones possessed. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, David all had this in common. I cannot be convinced, that I don’t believe in God! That’s the fundamental element of who I am. With My basic belief being established, perhaps my real issue is selective believing. Believing in a God that’s comfortable to me. However, can I believe Him all the time for things that are outside of my ability to see with my natural eyes? Can I believe Him to accomplish things that I can only be done with His undergirding and empowerment? Things that He has to bankroll in the spirit. I’m not talking about the presumptuous faith, given in many examples that compares it with a chair. I sit in any chair, without checking its structure, because I’m sure that it’ll hold my weight. I do this, because I know, that based on my experience that I can assume that any chair will hold me.

I hate listening to this example every time I hear it. It’s not a good example. It over simplifies my relationship with God. God cannot take me past where I believe I can go. He may plan to, but if I cannot envision myself there – it won’t happen. My active belief is required. It cannot be static. What it boils down to is, do I in fact believe the God that I profess to believe? The truth. If I believed that God is who He says He is; and that He can do what He says He can do. Then I in turn would believe, unequivocally that I am who God says I am. I can do what God says I can do. I would not be drowning in the lake of mediocrity right about now! Real belief in God happens through deep, meaningful relationship with Him. How else can I really get know Him? In this relationship with Him there are boundaries. If I continue to behave independently of Him our relationship doesn’t fare well. My relationship with Him has been only limited by me. It would be a cop out to say that it didn’t work because of Him; then blame Him for my shortcomings and failures. In actuality it’s been my lack of commitment to the relationship that has stifled me. Sometimes, my spirit hasn’t even been willing coupled with my flesh being weak. If I can just tell the truth, there were many things that I enjoyed doing in the world. It’s been hard to give some stuff up, pick up my cross and follow Him. So my challenge is to BELIEVE the God, I profess to believe! Not when it feels good or is convenient. I have to believe He is who He is and means what He says when it means reordering my life and submitting myself wholly to Him. Believe Him enough to trust that the things that He’s asking me to give up aren’t conducive to the healthy, productive lifestyle that I want my children to model. There’s no comparison even where I am now, not having attained God’s optimal life for myself to my best day living in the world. I believe that the only way to live a life of true authenticity is through Christ.


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