18 Jun

encounterI’ve come to the realization of what’s really lacking at this point in my journey. It’s sufficient Spiritual EMPOWERMENT to execute God’s plan for my life. On some days, I flow better than others and find that it’s directly related to how much time that I spend with God. When I spend time with Him daily, I’m creative, energized, focused and productive. When I don’t take the time to spend mornings with Him, I struggle through my day and can’t wait until it comes to an end.

Many want power so they can become important through that power. However, it is only as you are linked to God’s purpose that you can expect His power. E. Stanley Jones

I think of the disciples who were told by Jesus to wait in the upper room until they received what the Father had promised to give each one of them. That promise was the infilling of the Holy Spirit, which revolutionized their lives and changed the world! The indwelling of the Holy Spirit enabled ordinary men to accomplish the great feats for the Kingdom of God that we now read about. All it took was an encounter with the Holy Spirit. I cannot imagine a slow, painful spiritual death languishing on the pew Sunday after Sunday; then dying a physical death without fulfilling my purpose in life.  Being lowered into my grave with God’s greatness locked inside of me.  That would be the worst thing in the world that could happen. What would have been the point of following Christ if at the end I hadn’t evolved to be like Him?

Ego and self-will has usurped the power of God in my life causing me to crash and burn. God cannot be placed on my agenda in His world and micro managed by a fallible human like me. Humility and obedience is now fueling  that power, giving me BALANCE. The noise of the world is being quieted in my head as each day of this process passes. The distractions in my life are slowly becoming fewer. My spiritual power is increasing. As I spend quality time with God, yielding my will to His, He is breaking through the fallow ground of my soul and imparting more of Himself into me.

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