13 Jun



Today’s characteristic is PATIENCE. In particular the patience needed with myself and God’s process before I am LOOSED into my Divine Destiny. Cindy told the story that I’ve heard once before by Les Brown of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. The seed of the Chinese Bamboo Tree once planted has to be nurtured and cared for and tended to daily for 5 years before it breaks thru the soil. Once it breaks thru the soil it grows from 60 to 90 feet tall in six weeks. During it’s incubation time it is establishing a root system that will support the height of the tree.

That made me think about the times that I’ve aborted the Divine Mission because it didn’t happen when I thought it should. Why? Because I grew impatient and frustrated with God’s process. Only to have to start the process over again. I’ve done this more times than I can remember only to come back to the same place again. Mind you somehow and somewhere along the way I’d forgotten that God is in charge and I’m merely a vessel for His use. When I think of this story, I’m reminded of what Joyce Meyer shared in regards to her public platform. The jest of it is that we see her now, but we didn’t see her when she was a homemaker struggling to get her family situated so that she could have a couple of hours with God each day. We didn’t see her when she was leading home Bible studies. In other words, we didn’t see the process, we just saw her arrive. What she said reflects on any Ministry or Man/Woman of God that is shining brightly now for all to see. I see them there, but I wasn’t witness to the process. T.D. Jakes shared a similar story of when he preached on front porches, garages,  not being able to afford dry cleaning and had to was his only suit in the washing machine.  I didn’t see him then, he had not been LOOSED, I see him now.

What I’ve often not even considered is that God will LOOSE me, when He knows I’m ready and not before. My job in the meantime is to prepare, prepare, prepare. I’ve found that when I’ve tried to jump ahead of HIs plan and out of His timing I’ve crashed and burned. Today, I’m fully participating in my own life knowing for sure that your timing is always perfect God.



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