10 Jun


Today’s reading focused on the importance of Self-Awareness. Really tuning into what’s going on within. I realized that I’ve never been comfortable doing this. It’s been easier to focus outside of myself on helping other people in their process and along their journey. I’ve given of myself so much that there’s been nothing left for me when I needed it. I’ve swum people to shore and have been left to drown time after time. It’s taken me many years to realize that people can’t give me what they don’t have to give. Whether that is love or support.

So now,  in my 49th year I must turn my lens, my love, my support inward to nourish and replenish myself. The question asked today was a relatively simple one…”Who are you, outside of the roles you play” I was perplexed and pondered it most of the day. I asked God, who am I? He sent me to the scripture to answer that question. I am who God says I am and only when I don’t know that do I face an identity crisis. I can not live the life that God has purposed and planned for me until I truly know who I am in Him. When I know who I am it’ll reflect in my day to day living and the choices I make. When I know who I am, I will naturally gravitate towards a higher state of being.

Today, I found and wrote down on index cards scriptures that speak of who I am.  On a daily basis, I will decree and declare who I am in Christ.




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